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Diarmuid Gavin and the importance of garden maintenance

You just spent good money on design and build of a fantastic new garden. The garden is organized and structured by design, the patio looks pristine and shrubs and perennials are gorgeous. BUT… time passes and …

plants grow bigger, including those we call weeds, paving gets dirty and trees have grown like they have a mind of their own. You blink and the garden is overgrown like an Amazonian jungle, structure is lost and OMG, where are the gorgeous perennials?

Garden clearance and replanting in Hampstead.

We recently worked on an overgrown garden. When the job was complete, the garden structure re-emerged like a lost Inca temple.

It turned to be one of Diarmuid Gavin’s designs and yes, it still looked great even after the first rough clearance. The photo of this garden is on the front cover of his book “Homefront in the garden”.

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